Preparation of Wastewater Treatment Plant Feasibility Report

Turkey’s planned development period, the industry began in 1960, “leading sector” is determined, and the establishment of economic stability, economic and realization along with social development, long-term goals such as a certain speed in emphasizing growth and industrialization were identified. In line with the determined goals; Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ), one of the many incentive measures put into practice to develop the industry in the country, has been implemented.

Since Organized Industrial Zones are established from sectors operating in various fields, they are not allowed to discharge their wastewater directly to the city sewerage system or stream-like points. However, with the wastewater prevention facilities to be built, the discharge of wastewater that meets the specified criteria is allowed. In this context, each OIZ is obliged to construct a Waste Water Treatment Plant to bring their wastewater to the specified criteria.

The construction of the Waste Water Treatment Plant is carried out by the OIZs in line with the project approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, prepared following the Ministry’s Waste Water Treatment / Deep Discharge Facility Project Approval Circular No. 2018/14 dated 20.11.2018. In accordance with the Organized Industrial Zones Implementation Regulation (Article 66/6) published in the Official Gazette dated 02.02.2019 and numbered 30674, participants in the joint wastewater treatment plant investment will pay 25% of the cost to the parcel size and 75% to the flow rate determined by the OIZ management. They participate in pollution load rates, but since the participants cannot afford these costs in today’s economic conditions, the construction cost of the treatment plant is realized with the credit facility provided by the Ministry of Industry and Technology to OIZs. This process develops as the start of construction following the approval of the Architectural, Static, Mechanical, and Electrical Application Projects by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, which are prepared following the project data approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Organized Industrial Zones; These are the areas that need to be examined in detail in terms of wastewater and should be sensitive in terms of the capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Plant planned to be established and the treatment method to be applied.

An OIZ that decides to construct a Waste Water Treatment Facility will first have a Waste Water Treatment Facility Survey and Feasibility Report in order to treat and dispose of domestic and industrial wastewater that will arise from industrial facilities in a way that will not harm the environment and living health, provided that the applicable Environmental Law is complied with. needs.

Within the scope of the Feasibility Report;

Sectoral evaluation of the enterprises to be established and/or existing in the Organized Industrial Zone,

Identifying the enterprises that will start operating in 5 years,

Determining the wastewater flow rate that will come to the treatment plant with the current situation and the capacity increase that may occur within 5 years by conducting surveys in the enterprises within the OIZ,

Analyzing and literature studies regarding the determination of pollution loads of enterprises,

Determining the pollution loads of the wastewater treatment plant to be built,

Preparing the project report and selecting the treatment method by examining it according to the pollution load of the treatment plant to be built.

Preparation of the topographic map of the area where the treatment facility will be established,

Preparation of general layout plan of the treatment facility,

Preparation of treatment plant flow chart,

On-site inspection form application for the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization,

Taking the opinion of DSI regarding the place where the treatment plant effluent will be discharged,

Determining the approximate investment and operating costs of the treatment facility should be considered.

In case there is an existing treatment plant and a capacity increase is planned, in addition to the Feasibility Report;


The physical condition of the existing facility,

Capacity and treatment method of the existing facility,

Why capacity increase is needed,

After the capacity increase, the issues of which units of the existing facility will continue to be used should be evaluated in detail.

Upon request, a Feasibility Report can be prepared for the wastewater treatment plant process, operation, investment cost, technology selection, and project planning, both within the OIZ and for industrial organizations operating in different statuses.


As DAMLA Treatment and Environmental Technologies, we provide services with our 25 years of experience in the preparation of Architectural, Static, Mechanical, Installation, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Electrical Application Projects of the treatment facilities to be made within the scope of the prepared Feasibility reports and the projects approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.