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Small and medium residential areas (collective housing, site, holiday village, military units, municipality, hospital, hotel, school, factory, construction site, etc.)

It is a type of treatment used in Industrial Plants, Factories, and Organized Industrial Zones for the treatment of industrial wastewater originating from production. The methods used may differ.

These are the services required for the treatment of surface waters, wells, and spring waters to be used following the criteria.

Our company meets the criteria specified in the circular of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization dated 20/11/2018 and numbered 53177711-010.06.02-213601 Wastewater Treatment / Deep Sea Discharge Plant Project Approval.

We manufacture the equipment used in Drinking Water, Domestic and Industrial Treatment Plants and then provide technical support.

In Municipalities and Organized Industrial Zones, Wastewater Prevention Facilities service is provided to meet the channel discharge limits specified in the infrastructure regulation.

We provide services for the design and implementation of Sewerage, Drinking Water, Rain Water and Irrigation Systems, infrastructure systems.

Villas, hotels, summer sites, parks and gardens, swimming pools and ornamental pools project, construction, mechanical assembly, and key-ready pools

Damla Treatment and Environmental Technologies


Wastewater treatment includes the processes applied to regain some or all of the physical, chemical, and biological properties lost due to the pollution of water as a result of various uses and/or to restore the natural, physical, chemical, and biological properties of the recipient environment from which they are discharged.

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

It is the treatment of domestic wastewater from small and medium settlements (collective housing, site, holiday village, military units, municipality, hospital, hotel, school, factory, construction site, etc.).

Industrial Treatment

It is a wastewater treatment method used to treat industrial wastewater from production in Industrial Plants, Factories, and Organized Industrial Zones.

Drinking-Water Treatment

Drinking water treatment systems are the treatment of surface water, well water, and spring water and making them suitable for the criteria.

Biological Treatment

Biological wastewater treatment methods include the professional treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater. It covers many types of factories.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

“Damla Treatment And Environmental Technologies” is a system integrator and service provider that values its customers by using the most advanced wastewater treatment and environmental solutions technologies.

Sustainable and innovative environmental technologies

In the age we live in, our world, while experiencing the most advanced technological and scientific development in its history, is faced with the danger of deterioration of the ecological balance, which is the basis of living life. At the root of the danger is environmental pollution caused by technology and industrialization to a great extent. Let's solve this problem together.

Customer Feedback

I would like to thank you for your care and work regarding the Mechanical Equipment Works of the State Water Works / Uşak Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Field Piping and Installation, and Facility Management.


OBA Construction- Civil Engineer

We are satisfied with the treatment facility service you have established to treat the wastewater generated in our factory and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to all the work done.


Hediye Flour Factory- Vice Chairman of the Management Board

In İZSU Bayındır Hasköy Wastewater Treatment Plant; I would like to express my endless thanks to Şuayip DIŞPINAR, who contributed greatly with his vast knowledge and experience in the construction and operation of the treatment plant.


Doğan Metallurgical Machinery - Civil Engineer

We would like to thank you for the services you have provided for the treatment of industrial wastewater generated in our business, the project design, and the mechanical works of the facility.

Korhan Yağcı

Roteks Textile - R&D Manager

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Our sectoral articles are prepared by our environmental engineers.

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